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UNC ZIFA katika mashindano yake ya YUNA LIGI yamefikia fainali itakayo fanyika siku ya Ijumaa 21/11/2014, kati ya NTA 6 VS NTA 7 1


(Made under Section 42 (b) of Zanzibar Institute of Financial
Administration Act. No. 1 of 2002)
14.1 Areas of application
These regulations apply to all candidates who have intended to sit for anexamination at ZIFA.
14.2 Definitions
  i. Board of Examiners means member of the internal examiners’meetining.
 ii. Candidates, for the purpose of these regulations means both students admitted in ZIFA at the time and those who are intended to be admitted and are subjected to ZIFA admission interview.
iii. Cheating means 'Using unfair means' includes, for example, using unauthorised aids, copying from and communicating with other candidates.
iv. Certificate means an official document, which is awarded to student as evidence that, a student has passed all examinations or attended a specified course.
v. Disqualified means to be nullified as ZIFA student in other words being stopped from continuing with course of study at ZIFA.

14.3 Examination
i. Examination covers all forms of formal evaluation that have to be included or be part of the certificate of completion or grade report.
ii. Final exams are the end of semester exams.
iii. Partial or midterm exam is evaluations which take place during the middle of the semester and, calculated into the final grade in the
iv. Mark-up test is an examination for those students who were, sickor had other valid documents for being absence and they did not receive midterm grades.
v. Special exam is an examination for those students who were, sick or had other valid documents for being absence and they did not receive a final grade in that semester.
vi. Supplementary exam is an examination that is arranged for students who have received a failing grade in the course.
vii. Formal evaluation is the mode, manner or means of assessing the status and ability of a candidate in the daily academic progress, includes test, quiz, exercise, exams, research, project etc, either be
made oral or in writing.
viii. Plagiarism means an act of engaging in unauthorized copying or republication of the work of others.
ix. Semester is either of the two divisions of the academic year.
x. Student is a person who has been admitted to the institute to study ertificate courses, Ordinary Diploma, Bachelor Degree or any ertified course.
xi. ZIFA means Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration.
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